Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We have 4 new leaders!

The 24th of April was a seminar for training the leaders of study circles, organized by the Resource program.
From our YMCA participated Anya Maikova, Luda Nikolaeva, Andrei Kovalev and Katia Nikiforova.
Congratulations! You are now - officially trained leaders of study circles! Now your main goal is to organize your first own circles!
At the seminar we learned more about the "Educational School", which is held this year under the Resource program of the principles of academic circles, the role of leader of the circle, how to build a first lesson.
Also, due to a psychological expert, we have analyzed our own leadership and creativity potential.
We learned about the concept of "project" and the foundations of design of the project proposal.
I hope that future projects will be really interesting and really creative!
Good luck and keep optimistic and efficiency!

Olga Lukina
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