Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our guys returned from Volozhin

Trips and friends - what could be more interesting and fun in our YMCA-life! Travelings for our volunteers - it is a reward for their labors, it is an opportunity to feel a part of the YMCA!
5 of our guys-multiplicators just back from Volozhin. They participated there in the seminar "New stage: school of volunteers". And then, finally, a week later we can enjoy the pictures and hear their comments!

Dmitry Sinitsyn:
Everyone liked the seminar, the first day I sat there and did not know what will.
I'm no one knew, but later we all met, and in the evening we went to the city together. An the square we were playing a game "Legs"! Later, we were playing a game of "Crocodile" (it was very fun!). There was no time to sleep, because in the 1 st day we were given homework: to prepare a basic part of the seminar (in our group had 5 people) and we spent under number 1 because we have no luck with dice. The last night we all slept only 2 hours, but all were cheerful! Every evening, sitting at someone in the room we were playing games, telling jokes, watching movies.

Sergey Rudenko:

I liked a lot of things! For example, the group, coaches, workshops! The town is small. We are on the first night went to the city and in the square we played a game of "legs" - it was great opportunity to know each other. In general, talked together! Funny guys! I saw a dilapidated house of culture, people of Volozhin )))). I got the information what information what color you can write. We told many jokes to each other! Most interestingly, After the seminar we compiled lists of our goals! It was great!

Masha Djatlova:
Oh, everything was cool ..... We ourselves have conducted seminars on HIV / AIDS. In my group were Dima Sinitsyn, Olga, Inna Vaganova and Pasha! We went through the city at night, we played different games, telling jokes! It was fun! Cooks prepared perfectly! We played games, with all the friends (the guys from Brest, Lida, Molodechno, Minsk !!))) learned a lot of interesting things - such as how to deal with difficult participants! We went to bed very late! I found many new friends! I am full of emoutions! And generally it was all Cool !!!!!

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