Friday, March 19, 2010

Planning our Cultural Event

12-14 March a group of volunteers from YMCA/YWCA Belarus, Russia and Moldova gathered in Vitebsk for TtT-5.
That's great that we could use this opportunity for planning our Cultural Event. Thanks so much for a huge amount of creative ideas!!! That was so great that not only Belorussian youngsters participated in planning process.

So, 5-9 August 2010 we invite you to Vitebsk for our Belarusian Festival "CHAGALLING ABOVE VITEBSK"
For more information, please, don't hesitate to write to (Olga Lukina)


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our performance has been recognized as the best!

The 13th of March at the Palace of Children's and Youth held regional stage of urban festival "School Theater-14"!
At the same time (March 12-14) hosted the meeting of the Planning Program-Cultural Festival in August! So many of the guests came to our performance.
Excitement! Waiting! Preparing! Suits! Rehearsals in the corridor! Warm, friendly atmosphere!
The team of secondary school number 21 (Ten Sing - Jr) =) played at number 4. Guys showed performance "Sonnets. 20 century ". The first performance! First work! And the work is very successful! The first step are confidently and loudly made! Our actors coped with the complex problems - to show twentieth century, the Chernobyl accident, the two world wars, the war in Chechnya! The audience holds its breath, watching the scene!
The team take a prize for promising, and Katyusha Kolovaytis noted as an actress! The play maked to think, empathize, be overestimated, and pushed to the hope and love!
THANKs to Anyuta Ilicheva!! For great work, the tremendous help and talent! You - our sun! THANK YOU !!!!!

Ten Sing - "The theater NE" - was represented of the Palace of creativity of children and youth! The premiere of the play "Puppetry"! Actors showed tremendous professionalism! A lot of feelings, impressions, praise, tears and smiles! Ten Sing won and 19 April will speak at the National Academic Drama Theater named after Yakub Kolas! Kristinochka Goldin received the award for Best Actress! And deservedly!!
Performers main roles - Chrystyna and Alexander Shuliak - impressed all with their talent, sincerity, openness, ability to live a role! And it is very difficult! It's a talent!
Ten Sing - is an amazing team! THANK YOU for mental! THANK Zhenya and Vika, all the actors! Thank you all for the professionalism and hard work! And it will be many more! ))))) And for this - a special thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!
The tremendous THANK YOU, GUYS!!

Special thanks to Larisa Mishurnaja, the Palace of creativity of children and young people, secondary school № 21 for the assistance provided opportunities and understanding!

Vika Surkova


Back to Miloje!

Miloje its a paradise for Belorusian Scouts!
Miloje its a small village near Mogilev. There is a large house, where Scouts from Belarus gathered to spend time together. There, they conduct training for hiking and orienteering, learn skills to survive in extreme situations, and of course communicate: play games, sing songs and have fun!
The 6th of March we again gathered together in this pretty place - it was a meeting of "old friends" - Scouts who have become adults and have got families. It was a pleasure to meet again!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

About Sasha Sapego

That is how a person lives ... In the hero-city of Belarus ... Bobruisk ...)) Goes to school, engaged in scouting, singing songs and then - bang - went to sunny Switzerland. Do not just leaving, went to his dear wife Milena - from the Swiss YMCA.
Yes, as many of you have already guessed, we are talking about Sasha Sapego.
They live in the city Geroldswil, their hobby is sport: skiing and snowboarding, ride bikes, swim in the pool, and, of course, rock climbing!
Milena works as a schoolteacher and the class teacher, teaching English, French and German languages, algebra, geometry, geography and drawing. And Sasha is working in a boarding school for the mentally ill. 14 months ago in their family had birth of a charming girl Nina, who despite still very young age, loves to travel and go to the mountains.
I do not mean to make you envied or any way tried to change your place of residence - it is just to show you how unpredictable and interesting life is. By the way, Sergey Sirotkin moved to Switzerland as well.. Well, everyone chooses where his house: someone chooses the mountains, and someone - our Belarusian lakes ...
Photos are made in the mountains Grindelvald, at an altitude of 2680 meters, where Sasha and his family spent vacation for a week.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's "Our Era"

Valentine's Day has passed, but so many holidays yet to come! Of course, it's great when there is an extra opportunity for fun, but for us the holidays - this is the most tense times, when we organize 2 or even 3 discos in the day. But there is one place where we rush, despite the fatigue and lack of time. This is a socio-territorial center. We have already worked there and very cool that our cooperation has become a tradition! Disco, dedicated to St. Valentine's Day, held very well. What guys there are fellows! So enjoy spending time with them! We want to say special thanks for the teachers - to work with them a great pleasure. Young, energetic, funny ... and that's not their whole portrait.
Very soon we will go there again. And waiting for this day with impatience!
And more good news ... our discotheques got the name - "Our Era", and very soon will resume classes on dancing ... we will not yet reveal all the secrets...
The guys from other areas of the YMCA-Vitebsk, forgive us for what little we see each other ... We miss you very much and you are always in our hearts ... But in March we will correct ... We love you very much!

Lenochka Litvinchuk

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