Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Learn to dance Shuffle!

Zhenia Pochepko:

And yesterday there was dancing!
Yes ... friends - that's good! Recently, walking around the city and saw an interesting young guy who was dancing ... ... yeah ... right in the city ... on the tile of a new avenue of stars :)))) looked hard and realized it was my old friend Sergei! We talked with him and it turned out that he is training in new techniques of dance shuffle, in Vitebsk, only a few people are engaged in the development of this interesting course. And so, as a patriot YMCA, I invited Sergei to work with our YMCA and, if someone likes this train we will develop this activiy.
So, our next meeting on Tuesday at 18.00 - meeting in our club! Come! It will be hot!

And a short article for the introduction of the topic:
Shuffle - style dance club, means "mixing". Indeed, the Shuffle include the elements of STEP, popping, locking, breking, Mining, "running man" and others. Dancer Shuffle, not stopping glides over the floor, causing a genuine admiration of the spectators. Of great importance in this regard to personality of the dancer, his know-how "in the performance of elements Shuffle. Shuffle Performed by the music styles of rave, various modifications of house, techno, in general, all that is considered a club music.
Shuffle appeared in Melbourne (Australia) in late 1980 - early 1990's. As an independent style, Shuffle began to distinguish a variety of arm movements, combined with traditional chords for the legs in the style of "techno". Style Shuffle quickly became popular at raves, trance party, and other advanced European hangouts. He is a very rapidly developing today.
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