Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dance lessons continue

Most recently Zhenya Pochepko told us that she met her old friend Sergej with unusual circumstances - he danced on the street ignoring the surprised (mostly dissatisfied) views of passersby. Zhenya did not lose and invited Sergei to teach our children dancing. Sergey agreed!))).

Style of dance, which teaches Sergei our guys called - Shuffle - if you hearing this word for the first time, read the article of Zhenya!
To know how to move our dance classes, we again learn from Zhenya Pochepko:

Shuffle is held in our club on Tuesdays. It was already 3 meetings!
Sergei ("Coach") leads his children and 3 of our multiplicators - Alina, Sergey and Masha. Fun and very hot are trainings! The first time we laughed for a long time with their awkward, but now, every encounter, they're getting better become their movement - running man (RM-a step that creates an impression of movement on the ground), teshki (Shuffle T-shaped), and still something .
That is how we dance!!!)))

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