Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Tensing took third place!

At the Festival "Theatres of Schools-14 "our Tensing took third place with the show "The Puppet theatre"!

Christina Goldina and Alexander Shuliak marked as actors!

Also, the guys got a prize for the development of youth topics!

Guys, heartily congratulate you and wish you did not stop there! After all, Lenin himself commanded - "Study, study and study again!" :-)))
We believe in you!

And now about how it was, from our main character - Kristinochka Goldina:

Our new show "The puppet theatre" by Victoria Surkova, it seems to me - is very deep and sincere.
In it we tried to show people our view of life, our feelings and emotions. We would like to say that if you really love a person, you should always be together, because together you can resist all the troubles and miseries. It is always easier.
During rehearsals we are not learned the words we should say, we really felt and played like we feel. Before working with the play "The puppet theatre" we all talked together about what we may change. And the most interesting, in my view, we invented the biographies of our heroes. It may seem that this is not very interesting, but in fact it is fascinating. Thus, our performance is truly alive.
Rehearsals were very fun and lively. For example, I could not wait for rehearsals, it's so exciting, it was held in one breath. And in rehearsals we did all sorts of exercises on trust, to feel each other on stage. We closed our eyes and imagined ourselves like dolls, feeling that every cell of our body. Each of us had our own puppet.
Each time, leaving the scene our hearts beat stronger, and not because we are afraid - no! And because, coming out to the audience, we are living this little life on the stage truly and we enjoy what we do very much!
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