Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Four circles!

Study circles. In Soviet times, the study circles were not very popular because, more often, they meant classes of needlework. There went shy girl, but for more active and expressive guys there was boring and not interesting. But now that times have changed, and changed attitudes to learning circles. Now here comes all the more interesting and talented guys! After all, the study circles it is an opportunity to express themselves, to show their abilities, here every member can act as a leader: to think about the theme of classes, to pick up a methodology and ways to achieve the goals! You work in a team, which he himself picked up, you do what you are most interested in at the moment, you looking for and find!
Now in our YMCA began its work 4 study circle, led by Olga Lukina ("The School of Success"), Nadia Lukashenko ("We are the family"), Zhenja Pochepko ("The Search group") and Vika Surkova ("Steps to Vitebsk").
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