Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our condolences to the Polish people

The tragedy, which occurred near Smolensk with the Polish airplane, stirred up the whole world. I was also shocked, because Poland is associated with 10 months of my life. I went there as a volunteer. Took me a public organization of Gdynia - "Center of Youth Cooperation". I remember when I received the confirmation of my application, my dad showed me the album with views of Gdynia, which was released in the 70-ies. I was very upset - so unsightly and such a small town it seemed to me then. Now, if you ask me what my favorite city in Poland, I do not hesitate to answer - Gdynia! Or Trojmiasto - the three cities located from each other in 30 minutes by train: Gdynia-Sopot-Gdansk! Very beautiful cities!!!
My volunteering there was not so easy:
First, for CWM I was the first volunteer; it was their first experience;
and secondly, I was going there solely to work and not to build my personal life, as many others: on the eve of my departure I got married. CWM wanted from me full-time commitment and excessive admiration, and I left my soul in Vitebsk with my husband and hoped that the Poles will become my second family. Our expectations were not realized. But even so, I recall my life in Poland with tenderness and awe! This volunteer work has made me more mature, more experienced, more tolerant. The "Center of youth cooperation" has changed as well - now the working with volunteers - is their leading direction. Now they have the whole volunteer community! Volunteers can support each other, warm, caress, become a family to each other!
By the way, there was no a volunteer from Belarus, except for me. Try! Write to the application, and you may be invited and you, as me, will plunge into a mysterious Polish life! By the way, except for long-term programs (European Volunteer Service) CWM spends a lot of other activities, which may be invited participants from other countries. Its "Study visits" and "Youth exchanges" - chic programs, so interesting and informative! However, there is no need for me to tell you about it, you can learn everything from their web-site yourself!
I, in turn, wish to express my condolences to the Polish people in connection with the crash of the aircraft, as well as my gratitude to CWM and the people who work in this organization: Tomasz Brodewicz, Magdalena Herszkowicz, Krzysztof Jezierski, Aleksandra Tomaka, Anna Krzeszowska many others! Thank you!!!
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