Monday, May 17, 2010

A little truth about the Second World War

According to the survey (on our Russian page) was clear: Readers majority determined that in the Second World War won the Soviet Union.
So who won the war? In the wording of this question is a small catch: I meant the Second World War, not the Great Patriotic war. Many people were confusing with this question. As we know, the Second World War began September 1, 1939 when Germany attacked Poland and ended with the capitulation of Japan after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 2 September 1945. And, of course, won the countries of anti-Hitler coalition.
But I would like to focus on the Great Patriotic war (GPW). (because not for nothing many of you have decided that won the USSR). After all, Soviet Russia got the most important, the most powerful and devastating blow from Nazi Germany. And this fact is now is ignored by Western historians and foreign media.

Let's take some facts:
- The enemy lost on the Soviet-front 607 divisions, and against the Western Allies - 176, ie 3,5 times less.
- In the battles with the Soviet Union Germany lost ¾ aviation, most of the artillery (75% of), almost 80% of the tanks and assault guns.
- Of the 13.6 million people killed, wounded and captured Nazi Germany lost on the Soviet-front of 10 million people!

Any stats reveal that the Soviet armed forces led to the collapse of Hitler's military and the state machine.
Soviet Union suffered the greatest losses in World War II. 30 million lives - the price of Victory! This can not be forgotten or underestimated. It is our pain and memory!

Of course, the Soviet ideological propaganda of a few, shall we say, reinforced this historic significance. Clearly, that Soviet propaganda went too far in condemning the West, did not mince the utterances. Like, a second front was opened only when the Red Army had liberated and its territory and half in Europe.
But the Western version of the history of WWII went even further.

Take in the hands a fat book "The Second World War" authorship of English historian Liddle Hart. Almost 900 pages, but the war between Germany and the USSR devoted ...only 58 of them! What can I say ... Perhaps the author was not interested. God is with him.

According to this historic publication, "the largest tank battle" was ... at El Alamein. There met ... 60 tanks! From both sides! Bernard Montgomery, recall, defeated Field Marshal Erwin Rommel ...

My friends! But what about the Battle of Kursk?? On the field participated Prokhorovsky 1500 tanks! We do not know? " We can be deceived??

We read about the Battle of Kursk in this book. We learn that the USSR won in this battle, because ... the Anglo-Americans landed in Sicily ... so…open any encyclopedia, read: Sicilian operation began on July 10, 1943, and the Battle of Kursk - July 5, the same year, ie five days earlier.

Who Should Read This, say the least, careless historical inaccuracy? For those maybe who believe in the word, not bothering to search for truth. On the eastern front, Germany has always (I repeat - always!) lost two-thirds of its troops.

This is just a single example of historical shifts in emphasis, but it clearly illustrates the whole picture - the Western vision of the Second World War is one-sided. Turn on the TV channel "History" - check.

They detail talking there about the landing of troops in Normandy, but not about that Russia still (!!!) to pay her debts under Lend-Lease. Passed 65 years, and we who have lost the most in the war still calculated for it ... "For Whom the war, and for whom - his mother is native."

The younger generation is not much interested in this period of history. Learn about the war of books and movies (most movies only). It is not enough, in my opinion. We must not forget that "if mankind forgets its past, it will be doomed to live it again”.

The main thing to remember that:
In World War II involved 61 states, 55 millions dead. A terrible and senseless war in which people are destroying people.
The fighting took place in Europe, and Africa, and in the Pacific Ocean. The aggressive and obsessed by death military regimes in Germany, Italy and Japan were defeated.
Mankind defeated fascism only united, creating a coalition.
History does not tolerate not only the subjunctive, but also rewriting some of its pages. We are all living today must take the past as it actually happened in reality.

Let expressed in this article is only my personal opinion, we, the Belarusians have lost every third citizen in this war, must remain thankful, knowledgeable and wise, remembering the heroism of our people!

Dmitry Rubanik

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2 leadership meetings

April 30 and May 3 were held leadership meetings YMCA. The leaders held a "revision" of existing directions: how many people, what is the main activity, what are the achievements and difficulties. And we got a long list of the successes and shortcomings.
We found that we do not have enough hands on all our grand plans. So, the priority, of course, is - education and training of our leaders.

And a particularly important point was - the spirit! That the team should be cohesive and everybody understand each other.

We made a list of outstanding issues - that we planned, but for some reason has not been fulfilled. Even the solutions to some fad found.
One of the questions was - WHERE is our Squirell (Lena Litvinchuk)? We need you! Come! We keep abreast of you! :)

And we dreamed ... We drew, as we see our direction in the future. We found that Tensing wants and choir, and dance. And to show their perfomances in different stages of different cities. Youth FOR healthy way of life needs some new topics. And scouting needs at least another experienced leader, and of course - our own base!

Continuation of meetings should be ...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dance lessons continue

Most recently Zhenya Pochepko told us that she met her old friend Sergej with unusual circumstances - he danced on the street ignoring the surprised (mostly dissatisfied) views of passersby. Zhenya did not lose and invited Sergei to teach our children dancing. Sergey agreed!))).

Style of dance, which teaches Sergei our guys called - Shuffle - if you hearing this word for the first time, read the article of Zhenya!
To know how to move our dance classes, we again learn from Zhenya Pochepko:

Shuffle is held in our club on Tuesdays. It was already 3 meetings!
Sergei ("Coach") leads his children and 3 of our multiplicators - Alina, Sergey and Masha. Fun and very hot are trainings! The first time we laughed for a long time with their awkward, but now, every encounter, they're getting better become their movement - running man (RM-a step that creates an impression of movement on the ground), teshki (Shuffle T-shaped), and still something .
That is how we dance!!!)))


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We have 4 new leaders!

The 24th of April was a seminar for training the leaders of study circles, organized by the Resource program.
From our YMCA participated Anya Maikova, Luda Nikolaeva, Andrei Kovalev and Katia Nikiforova.
Congratulations! You are now - officially trained leaders of study circles! Now your main goal is to organize your first own circles!
At the seminar we learned more about the "Educational School", which is held this year under the Resource program of the principles of academic circles, the role of leader of the circle, how to build a first lesson.
Also, due to a psychological expert, we have analyzed our own leadership and creativity potential.
We learned about the concept of "project" and the foundations of design of the project proposal.
I hope that future projects will be really interesting and really creative!
Good luck and keep optimistic and efficiency!

Olga Lukina

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Tensing took third place!

At the Festival "Theatres of Schools-14 "our Tensing took third place with the show "The Puppet theatre"!

Christina Goldina and Alexander Shuliak marked as actors!

Also, the guys got a prize for the development of youth topics!

Guys, heartily congratulate you and wish you did not stop there! After all, Lenin himself commanded - "Study, study and study again!" :-)))
We believe in you!

And now about how it was, from our main character - Kristinochka Goldina:

Our new show "The puppet theatre" by Victoria Surkova, it seems to me - is very deep and sincere.
In it we tried to show people our view of life, our feelings and emotions. We would like to say that if you really love a person, you should always be together, because together you can resist all the troubles and miseries. It is always easier.
During rehearsals we are not learned the words we should say, we really felt and played like we feel. Before working with the play "The puppet theatre" we all talked together about what we may change. And the most interesting, in my view, we invented the biographies of our heroes. It may seem that this is not very interesting, but in fact it is fascinating. Thus, our performance is truly alive.
Rehearsals were very fun and lively. For example, I could not wait for rehearsals, it's so exciting, it was held in one breath. And in rehearsals we did all sorts of exercises on trust, to feel each other on stage. We closed our eyes and imagined ourselves like dolls, feeling that every cell of our body. Each of us had our own puppet.
Each time, leaving the scene our hearts beat stronger, and not because we are afraid - no! And because, coming out to the audience, we are living this little life on the stage truly and we enjoy what we do very much!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Learn to dance Shuffle!

Zhenia Pochepko:

And yesterday there was dancing!
Yes ... friends - that's good! Recently, walking around the city and saw an interesting young guy who was dancing ... ... yeah ... right in the city ... on the tile of a new avenue of stars :)))) looked hard and realized it was my old friend Sergei! We talked with him and it turned out that he is training in new techniques of dance shuffle, in Vitebsk, only a few people are engaged in the development of this interesting course. And so, as a patriot YMCA, I invited Sergei to work with our YMCA and, if someone likes this train we will develop this activiy.
So, our next meeting on Tuesday at 18.00 - meeting in our club! Come! It will be hot!

And a short article for the introduction of the topic:
Shuffle - style dance club, means "mixing". Indeed, the Shuffle include the elements of STEP, popping, locking, breking, Mining, "running man" and others. Dancer Shuffle, not stopping glides over the floor, causing a genuine admiration of the spectators. Of great importance in this regard to personality of the dancer, his know-how "in the performance of elements Shuffle. Shuffle Performed by the music styles of rave, various modifications of house, techno, in general, all that is considered a club music.
Shuffle appeared in Melbourne (Australia) in late 1980 - early 1990's. As an independent style, Shuffle began to distinguish a variety of arm movements, combined with traditional chords for the legs in the style of "techno". Style Shuffle quickly became popular at raves, trance party, and other advanced European hangouts. He is a very rapidly developing today.

Our guys returned from Volozhin

Trips and friends - what could be more interesting and fun in our YMCA-life! Travelings for our volunteers - it is a reward for their labors, it is an opportunity to feel a part of the YMCA!
5 of our guys-multiplicators just back from Volozhin. They participated there in the seminar "New stage: school of volunteers". And then, finally, a week later we can enjoy the pictures and hear their comments!

Dmitry Sinitsyn:
Everyone liked the seminar, the first day I sat there and did not know what will.
I'm no one knew, but later we all met, and in the evening we went to the city together. An the square we were playing a game "Legs"! Later, we were playing a game of "Crocodile" (it was very fun!). There was no time to sleep, because in the 1 st day we were given homework: to prepare a basic part of the seminar (in our group had 5 people) and we spent under number 1 because we have no luck with dice. The last night we all slept only 2 hours, but all were cheerful! Every evening, sitting at someone in the room we were playing games, telling jokes, watching movies.

Sergey Rudenko:

I liked a lot of things! For example, the group, coaches, workshops! The town is small. We are on the first night went to the city and in the square we played a game of "legs" - it was great opportunity to know each other. In general, talked together! Funny guys! I saw a dilapidated house of culture, people of Volozhin )))). I got the information what information what color you can write. We told many jokes to each other! Most interestingly, After the seminar we compiled lists of our goals! It was great!

Masha Djatlova:
Oh, everything was cool ..... We ourselves have conducted seminars on HIV / AIDS. In my group were Dima Sinitsyn, Olga, Inna Vaganova and Pasha! We went through the city at night, we played different games, telling jokes! It was fun! Cooks prepared perfectly! We played games, with all the friends (the guys from Brest, Lida, Molodechno, Minsk !!))) learned a lot of interesting things - such as how to deal with difficult participants! We went to bed very late! I found many new friends! I am full of emoutions! And generally it was all Cool !!!!!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our condolences to the Polish people

The tragedy, which occurred near Smolensk with the Polish airplane, stirred up the whole world. I was also shocked, because Poland is associated with 10 months of my life. I went there as a volunteer. Took me a public organization of Gdynia - "Center of Youth Cooperation". I remember when I received the confirmation of my application, my dad showed me the album with views of Gdynia, which was released in the 70-ies. I was very upset - so unsightly and such a small town it seemed to me then. Now, if you ask me what my favorite city in Poland, I do not hesitate to answer - Gdynia! Or Trojmiasto - the three cities located from each other in 30 minutes by train: Gdynia-Sopot-Gdansk! Very beautiful cities!!!
My volunteering there was not so easy:
First, for CWM I was the first volunteer; it was their first experience;
and secondly, I was going there solely to work and not to build my personal life, as many others: on the eve of my departure I got married. CWM wanted from me full-time commitment and excessive admiration, and I left my soul in Vitebsk with my husband and hoped that the Poles will become my second family. Our expectations were not realized. But even so, I recall my life in Poland with tenderness and awe! This volunteer work has made me more mature, more experienced, more tolerant. The "Center of youth cooperation" has changed as well - now the working with volunteers - is their leading direction. Now they have the whole volunteer community! Volunteers can support each other, warm, caress, become a family to each other!
By the way, there was no a volunteer from Belarus, except for me. Try! Write to the application, and you may be invited and you, as me, will plunge into a mysterious Polish life! By the way, except for long-term programs (European Volunteer Service) CWM spends a lot of other activities, which may be invited participants from other countries. Its "Study visits" and "Youth exchanges" - chic programs, so interesting and informative! However, there is no need for me to tell you about it, you can learn everything from their web-site yourself!
I, in turn, wish to express my condolences to the Polish people in connection with the crash of the aircraft, as well as my gratitude to CWM and the people who work in this organization: Tomasz Brodewicz, Magdalena Herszkowicz, Krzysztof Jezierski, Aleksandra Tomaka, Anna Krzeszowska many others! Thank you!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Four circles!

Study circles. In Soviet times, the study circles were not very popular because, more often, they meant classes of needlework. There went shy girl, but for more active and expressive guys there was boring and not interesting. But now that times have changed, and changed attitudes to learning circles. Now here comes all the more interesting and talented guys! After all, the study circles it is an opportunity to express themselves, to show their abilities, here every member can act as a leader: to think about the theme of classes, to pick up a methodology and ways to achieve the goals! You work in a team, which he himself picked up, you do what you are most interested in at the moment, you looking for and find!
Now in our YMCA began its work 4 study circle, led by Olga Lukina ("The School of Success"), Nadia Lukashenko ("We are the family"), Zhenja Pochepko ("The Search group") and Vika Surkova ("Steps to Vitebsk").

Our congratulations to the Palace!

Unfortunately, in our country, government agencies do not like to cooperate with public organizations. But we are very lucky!!! Because during the most difficult times for our YMCA, times of our formation, a state institution of education helped us - the Palace of Children and Youth! We worked there for several years, getting help, care, material support, and we brought to the Palace of many young people and attention!

The 10th of April our Palace turned 5 years old!
We congratulate the Palace and especially its director - Larisa Mishurnaja!
We hope that our cooperation will continue for many more years!

New levels

April 10-12 in Volozhin was a seminar for multiplicators "New levels: school for volunteers".
From our YMCA participated 5 multiplicators: Parfenova Alina, Djatlova Masha, Batyukov Andrei, Rudenko Sergei and Dmitry Sinitsyn.
The program of seminar was consisted of the following workshops: awareness-raising seminars for peers, sharing of skills training and technology to work with "difficult participants", methods of completion of the seminar, YMCA: tradition and modernity, and more. Coaches of seminar were Olga Sviderskaya and Inna Poliychuk.
Our guys came from Volozhin so happy, because apart from the interesting lessons and classes, they have found new friends, interesting talking and saw a beautiful city that we all love!
Volozhin - truly unique city, apparently, the only in Belarus, where you can find in a small area located near 5 monuments of classical architecture of the 1-st half of the XIX century.
In addition, there is a house of YMCA in Volozhin, where we love to gather, to learn something, meet our friends and have fun!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Planning our Cultural Event

12-14 March a group of volunteers from YMCA/YWCA Belarus, Russia and Moldova gathered in Vitebsk for TtT-5.
That's great that we could use this opportunity for planning our Cultural Event. Thanks so much for a huge amount of creative ideas!!! That was so great that not only Belorussian youngsters participated in planning process.

So, 5-9 August 2010 we invite you to Vitebsk for our Belarusian Festival "CHAGALLING ABOVE VITEBSK"
For more information, please, don't hesitate to write to (Olga Lukina)


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our performance has been recognized as the best!

The 13th of March at the Palace of Children's and Youth held regional stage of urban festival "School Theater-14"!
At the same time (March 12-14) hosted the meeting of the Planning Program-Cultural Festival in August! So many of the guests came to our performance.
Excitement! Waiting! Preparing! Suits! Rehearsals in the corridor! Warm, friendly atmosphere!
The team of secondary school number 21 (Ten Sing - Jr) =) played at number 4. Guys showed performance "Sonnets. 20 century ". The first performance! First work! And the work is very successful! The first step are confidently and loudly made! Our actors coped with the complex problems - to show twentieth century, the Chernobyl accident, the two world wars, the war in Chechnya! The audience holds its breath, watching the scene!
The team take a prize for promising, and Katyusha Kolovaytis noted as an actress! The play maked to think, empathize, be overestimated, and pushed to the hope and love!
THANKs to Anyuta Ilicheva!! For great work, the tremendous help and talent! You - our sun! THANK YOU !!!!!

Ten Sing - "The theater NE" - was represented of the Palace of creativity of children and youth! The premiere of the play "Puppetry"! Actors showed tremendous professionalism! A lot of feelings, impressions, praise, tears and smiles! Ten Sing won and 19 April will speak at the National Academic Drama Theater named after Yakub Kolas! Kristinochka Goldin received the award for Best Actress! And deservedly!!
Performers main roles - Chrystyna and Alexander Shuliak - impressed all with their talent, sincerity, openness, ability to live a role! And it is very difficult! It's a talent!
Ten Sing - is an amazing team! THANK YOU for mental! THANK Zhenya and Vika, all the actors! Thank you all for the professionalism and hard work! And it will be many more! ))))) And for this - a special thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!
The tremendous THANK YOU, GUYS!!

Special thanks to Larisa Mishurnaja, the Palace of creativity of children and young people, secondary school № 21 for the assistance provided opportunities and understanding!

Vika Surkova


Back to Miloje!

Miloje its a paradise for Belorusian Scouts!
Miloje its a small village near Mogilev. There is a large house, where Scouts from Belarus gathered to spend time together. There, they conduct training for hiking and orienteering, learn skills to survive in extreme situations, and of course communicate: play games, sing songs and have fun!
The 6th of March we again gathered together in this pretty place - it was a meeting of "old friends" - Scouts who have become adults and have got families. It was a pleasure to meet again!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

About Sasha Sapego

That is how a person lives ... In the hero-city of Belarus ... Bobruisk ...)) Goes to school, engaged in scouting, singing songs and then - bang - went to sunny Switzerland. Do not just leaving, went to his dear wife Milena - from the Swiss YMCA.
Yes, as many of you have already guessed, we are talking about Sasha Sapego.
They live in the city Geroldswil, their hobby is sport: skiing and snowboarding, ride bikes, swim in the pool, and, of course, rock climbing!
Milena works as a schoolteacher and the class teacher, teaching English, French and German languages, algebra, geometry, geography and drawing. And Sasha is working in a boarding school for the mentally ill. 14 months ago in their family had birth of a charming girl Nina, who despite still very young age, loves to travel and go to the mountains.
I do not mean to make you envied or any way tried to change your place of residence - it is just to show you how unpredictable and interesting life is. By the way, Sergey Sirotkin moved to Switzerland as well.. Well, everyone chooses where his house: someone chooses the mountains, and someone - our Belarusian lakes ...
Photos are made in the mountains Grindelvald, at an altitude of 2680 meters, where Sasha and his family spent vacation for a week.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's "Our Era"

Valentine's Day has passed, but so many holidays yet to come! Of course, it's great when there is an extra opportunity for fun, but for us the holidays - this is the most tense times, when we organize 2 or even 3 discos in the day. But there is one place where we rush, despite the fatigue and lack of time. This is a socio-territorial center. We have already worked there and very cool that our cooperation has become a tradition! Disco, dedicated to St. Valentine's Day, held very well. What guys there are fellows! So enjoy spending time with them! We want to say special thanks for the teachers - to work with them a great pleasure. Young, energetic, funny ... and that's not their whole portrait.
Very soon we will go there again. And waiting for this day with impatience!
And more good news ... our discotheques got the name - "Our Era", and very soon will resume classes on dancing ... we will not yet reveal all the secrets...
The guys from other areas of the YMCA-Vitebsk, forgive us for what little we see each other ... We miss you very much and you are always in our hearts ... But in March we will correct ... We love you very much!

Lenochka Litvinchuk


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Birthday of Baden Powell

For that I love Scouts, it is because they can not do nothing. Even their most important holiday they spent usefully - as we say, combine business with pleasure.
This holiday - is the Birthday of Baden Powell - the founder of Scouts.
We gathered together yesterday in our club. Finally I have seen how the club became comfortable: curtains, rug .. but best of all in its interior look our Scouts - "leopards" and "wolverines" - they snarl, roar and bite ... No, of course, despite the name of its patrols, they are quite lovely and cute guys. The first part of the holiday - interactive-control. Kristina laid some cards with important events of the life of BP and the dates associated with them. We had to find the necessary and combine. This game need memory and testing of knowledge on biography of Baden Powell. At first I wanted to take part in the game, but realizing that I do not remember exactly nothing (to my shame), decided to take up photography. And guys - good fellows, answered quickly and confidently. Then came the charades, puzzles, scout jokes and humorous scout laws. Well, sort of: "if your sleeping bag comes to you only to your knee, it's a backpack", "1. Firewood and matches are absent. 2. If they are - so just the only one of these things. 3. If there are both - so or firewood is raw, or the match is the last", "1.No food. 2.If we have some food - its not enough for the whole campaign. 3.In the last day found that we have food enough for another week."
Is not it funny only to those who did not go in real scouts campaigns.
The second part - games and songs. Mobile games, comic, funny, during which we have found that the space of our club is terribly close, and the mirrors can be a serious impediment. Songs - mostly from our repertoire are emotional and melodic. In general, it was fun and easy.
Scouts, we congratulate you once again with the birthday of Baden Powell!
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