Thursday, August 20, 2009

YMCA of Vitebsk

Our main goal we see in building such a movement which will help youngsters to find themselves, to develop their selves and to keep their souls, mind and body constantly developing.

YMCA Vitebsk has been working for more than 9 years. Nowadays we have 23 official member, about 10 strong leaders, 40 constant participants of all the programs; every year about 4 000 people (on the whole) take part in different events organized by our team.

Our board includes main leaders responsible for different activities: Tatiana Mirsalimova, (a Chairperson), Olga Lukina, Lena Litvinchuk, Elvira Mirsalimova, Viktoriya Shevchuk, Ann Ilicheva, Alexey Dozortsev.

Our main programs:

 Youth FOR healthy way of life
 Tensing
 Thematic Discos
 Social work
 Educational circles

The work is built in such a way that all the programs intercross. They help each other in developing.

Our main priorities now are:
· Involvement of new active members. Their motivation and education
· Creating new opportunities for developing of grown up members
· Creating the team
· Building strong structure which will allow us functioning better

So we plan to continue this work, to precede working together with all the programs as a unity in this special way and to find some new methods and possibilities to make the life of youngsters filled with sense and love to each other.



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