Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Birthday of Baden Powell

For that I love Scouts, it is because they can not do nothing. Even their most important holiday they spent usefully - as we say, combine business with pleasure.
This holiday - is the Birthday of Baden Powell - the founder of Scouts.
We gathered together yesterday in our club. Finally I have seen how the club became comfortable: curtains, rug .. but best of all in its interior look our Scouts - "leopards" and "wolverines" - they snarl, roar and bite ... No, of course, despite the name of its patrols, they are quite lovely and cute guys. The first part of the holiday - interactive-control. Kristina laid some cards with important events of the life of BP and the dates associated with them. We had to find the necessary and combine. This game need memory and testing of knowledge on biography of Baden Powell. At first I wanted to take part in the game, but realizing that I do not remember exactly nothing (to my shame), decided to take up photography. And guys - good fellows, answered quickly and confidently. Then came the charades, puzzles, scout jokes and humorous scout laws. Well, sort of: "if your sleeping bag comes to you only to your knee, it's a backpack", "1. Firewood and matches are absent. 2. If they are - so just the only one of these things. 3. If there are both - so or firewood is raw, or the match is the last", "1.No food. 2.If we have some food - its not enough for the whole campaign. 3.In the last day found that we have food enough for another week."
Is not it funny only to those who did not go in real scouts campaigns.
The second part - games and songs. Mobile games, comic, funny, during which we have found that the space of our club is terribly close, and the mirrors can be a serious impediment. Songs - mostly from our repertoire are emotional and melodic. In general, it was fun and easy.
Scouts, we congratulate you once again with the birthday of Baden Powell!

Preparing a new performance

Our Tensing is actively pursuing the rehearsals of perfomance for the Day of Health.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

YMCA Belarus Cultural Event

in FUTURE!!!

and COME!!!


YMCA Belarus Cultural Event

5-9 August 2010, Vitebsk, Belarus

Welcome to the Festival of YMCA Belarus where you will experience not only program activities of YMCA Belarus but also you will be able to enjoy the Culture of Vitebsk - a beautiful town, a motherland of Marc Chagall.

Idea of the Event
The idea is to enjoy YMCA fellowship and feel the magnificent world-known Belarusian culture and hospitality.
We see that the Event can motivate, unite, educate and entertain participants.
What can magnetize foreigners to come to Vitebsk?
Vitebsk is a cultural center of Belarus. It is a Motherland of Marc Chagall - a creator of unique art masterpieces, Zhores Alferov - a Nobel Prize Winner. It was a place for creativity of Ilia Repin, Kazimir Malevich, Ieguda Pen, Vasilij Bykov, Boris Hesin and many others.

The components of the Event:
Cultural dimension
Expression of yourself
YMCA Belarus programs variety

The program will embrace:
- Presentations of delegations
- Workshops and master-classes
- Team work
- Self-expression ("My Marc Chagall", finding yourself, your team and your World)
- Exploring Vitebsk - photo hunting
- Disco
- YMCA competitions

Blue and gray music of the Event:
YMCA people - 100-150
Duration - 5-9 August 2010
Participants cover their stay and travel cost
Participation fee covers preparatory work, local transportation, materials, etc.
Participants can live in not expensive apartments not far from Vitebsk or in any hotel they are ready to pay for (information about accommodation you can find in a separate paper)
Volunteers of YMCA Belarus will help you with meeting, accommodation, excursions, etc.

further information you can ask writing to Olga look123@mail.ru
If you are interested, please, write to look123@mail.ru (Olga Lukina) and we will send you the participation form and any other information you need.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy happy birthday Vovochka!!!

Today is the birthday of our beloved and dear Vovochka Sobolev!
Vovka, we congratulate you! We all remember you and wish you all the best for your birthday! Vova, it's impossible not to love you - you are the best! Congratulations! Embrace!
And now about how it was.
One day we were invited on television to talk about the YMCA. Delegated to this important event were Tanya Volokhova and me (Elvira Mirsalimova): Tanya - from the TenSing, I - from Scouts. We had hoped that speaking on television, we attract to our YMCA lot of people, and therefore acted with particular enthusiasm. During the interview, we were supposed to be reported to a pager messages with questions and requests to give the numbers of our phones. At least, we have dreamed about it .. but the message did not come. And only at the end of the transfer, we received a welcome message asking for our phone. And then another! And one more! And one more! We were elated! But as it turned out, the message came from the same person. "Maniac" - we thought, but we appointed our meeting. And that he certainly did not come, it appointed the meeting on the 1st of April in the school in the midst of spring holidays. "He will think that its the joke, and will not come" - we had hoped, hiding in the room of mathematics. Then we heard the footsteps in the empty hallway, we fell silent. A moment later in the doorway appeared a young man is quite intelligent, attractive appearance, with a diplomat in his hands.
- Who you are looking for& The school does not work - we exhaled with relief
- Hello, I need a YMCA ..
- So it was you??
- Yes, its me. My name is - Vladimir Sobolev ...
That's how Vladimir Sobolev appeared in our YMCA. Frankly speeking, we did not believe that he will remain for a long time. But he stayed and became our best friend! He did not say, but he did! Decided - and did! So just like a real man and real scout! The man who did so much for the organization, was completely alien to the greed and lust for power.
Vova, we really miss you! Come back!!!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

About 4th session of TtT

Here's a summary of the 4th session of TtT. It passed near the Minsk on the recreation base "Rocket" - a wonderful place! From Vitebsk YMCA there were me, Vika Surkova and Lena Litvinchuk. Training was maded by us - we did everything by ourselves: preparing lessons, fun as they could)) We could do much: and in the afternoon to work at the training, share experiences, and at night - to communicate and play;) Playing, incidentally, is one of our most favorite activities. Me and Artem from Yaroslavl, on the well-established tradition, organized role-playing game. The game "On the verge of sleep", in which the week before we played with multiplicators, was held to cheer, all the guys were hooked. In general, everything was excellent. We did not want to leave, but ahead of us a lot of meetings! Thanks to our great coaches Olya, Tina, Uncle Misha, and Alexey! We love you very much:)))
Zhenya Pochepko


Monday, February 8, 2010

Our latest news

1. In our club we hung the new curtains: blue and pink. Now we have beautiful))
2. Our scout patrols finally came up with the names: they are now Wolverines and leopards!
3. We found new friends and neighbors - YMCA of Ireland. Visit their blog (http://paktplusmilford.blogspot.com/) and see what they do! Welcome! (photo from their blog)

The Role-playing game

On the photo is Andrew Batyukov. It's time to tell the world about our newcomers, who have already did not novices - they are almost the members of our extended family.
So. The 28th of January Andrew Batyukov and Dima Sinitsyn had organized a role play. That was their first experience! The game was attended by 13 people and took place in our club. The guys have chosen a rather complicated game, and someone did not fully understand its essence, but that did not stop everyone to take a fancy for this game and forget about reality. They was so fun that during the play came the staff of Inspections juvenile to find out what happened and why it is so noisy. But do not be afraid: everything was not as bad as you think, just the Inspection department is exactly behind our wall, they are our neighbors, and shouting and scuffling that accompanied the game, prevented them from working. In the end, everything was decided amicably: Tatiana asked our neighbors to suffer, because the game is a game and interfere in it now is not possible. Incidentally, a similar incident occurred on one of our scout's activities during this game. Casual visitors to the House of Culture (where we played) seeing the students with the syringe (they depicted doctors) and hearing the cries: "Do not shoot me!" (Andrew Kostko inherited the role of the deranged Captain)), called in police to "immediately stop this ugliness." We, of course, explained to policemen that this is just a role play and with them and women, complaining at us, was laughing at the situation. From personal experience: role-playing game - it is an excellent opportunity to unite the team and to introduce (even become friends) children together. Shy or reserved, putting on a mask or examples of others' role, is easier to contact and quickly revealed as a person.

The new Board

The 26th of January was held the meeting of our multiplicators, where the guys have summed up last year. They discussed how their expectations were met, how effective was their work, maked the first steps in planning work for next year. And most importantly - they have held elections to the Board of our main direction of "Youth for a healthy lifestyle". Voting was based on the ranking system: the guys chose those who should enter into it. Thus, members of the Council became: Sergey Rudenko, Roman Teterev, Alina Parfenova, Vadim Sinitsyn and Ksenia Shlyahtunova. The 27th of January was the first meeting of the Council, which has a detailed and thorough planning of the work of the direction for this year.

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