Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New levels

April 10-12 in Volozhin was a seminar for multiplicators "New levels: school for volunteers".
From our YMCA participated 5 multiplicators: Parfenova Alina, Djatlova Masha, Batyukov Andrei, Rudenko Sergei and Dmitry Sinitsyn.
The program of seminar was consisted of the following workshops: awareness-raising seminars for peers, sharing of skills training and technology to work with "difficult participants", methods of completion of the seminar, YMCA: tradition and modernity, and more. Coaches of seminar were Olga Sviderskaya and Inna Poliychuk.
Our guys came from Volozhin so happy, because apart from the interesting lessons and classes, they have found new friends, interesting talking and saw a beautiful city that we all love!
Volozhin - truly unique city, apparently, the only in Belarus, where you can find in a small area located near 5 monuments of classical architecture of the 1-st half of the XIX century.
In addition, there is a house of YMCA in Volozhin, where we love to gather, to learn something, meet our friends and have fun!
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