Thursday, October 29, 2009

Excellent starting!

Today our new multiplicators Sergei Rudenko and Alina Parfenova held their own seminar "HIV/AIDS Prevention"! And the main thing - they loved it! And they want more! Our experienced multiplicator (and now coach), Lena Litvinchuk, of course, was next to them and hedged them. But they have coped without her help! Its great start! Congratulations!

Olga Lukina

Vitebsk - for a healthy lifestyle - 2009

The 22-24 of October helded 2 International Specialized Exhibition-Fair "Vitebsk - for a healthy lifestyle - 2009".
The place - concert hall "Vitebsk".
From our YMCA in the exhibition was attended by 9 volunteers - newly trained multiplicators.
They were handing out printed material (to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevention HIV), as well as all its blooming, youthful and healthy appearance showed how bad and, ultimately, is unfashionable to smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, and in general be dependent on other harmful and addictions. I think they succeeded, because they are - actually - very good guys!

Belarusian-Swedish project

The 21-22 October 2009 at the Palace of Art held the Belarusian-Swedish project "Social integration of children and youth with disabilities in the Vitebsk region."
Conference theme: "Education, rehabilitation, leisure - for whom and why?"
From our YMCA at the conference was attended Mirsalimova Tatiana and Kristina.

The main objective of the project was, above all, the exchange of experiences between Belarusian and Swedish parties. Workshop began with presentations of the Belarusian and Swedish sides. Then Larisa Mishurnaja told the guests about the work of the Palace in this direction, highlighting us - our volunteers and the club "Island of Hope", with whom we work!
So - thanks to the participation in this project of Tatiana and Kristina, we have now more opportunities and skills for working with special kids!

Did you bring a chair? or Login without a chair is prohibited! ;-)

YMCA Vitebsk is collecting CHAIRS for our new room. We have nothing to sit on!
So, you can come there with a CHAIR and leave it. If you want, we can make a nameplate on this chair, so everyone can know how MUCH you have done for YMCA Vitebsk!
Thank you in advance!

Olga Lukina

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

«Only vodka from Russia is genuine Russian vodka»

Purely Men's article.
But I recommend read and women.

It will ...
(before use vodka - do not read!)

Be proud! Our land Principality of Polotsk, is a "precursor" Russian vodka!
It would seem, ask any man on the street: "What do you know about the vodka?", The answer will be a long, emotional and exhaustive. No! In fact, no simple matter. The most common answer to this question - why talk about it, drink it should be! When asked about the origins of vodka, at best, know Mr Mendeleev. quite unexpectedly I found some information about Williams Pokhlebkin, which I previously knew as heraldry and knew of his culinary passions. I opened the secret!
The first surprise. It turns out that the word "vodka" is a form of the word "water". So Pokhlebkin argues in his book "History of Vodka. Originally a Russian word! I trust him unconditionally. And its impossible not to believe him. It was him who returned the Soviet Union the right to use this global brand. And everything than reported in this book was proved by international courts!
And what about the Arabs, who, as everyone knows, the first news of the world to the opening of alcohol (from Arabic. Al-kuhl)? The process of distillation was known to them even in the VI century. But getting the product, which, as we know, must be 40 degrees, not fixed. And the Arabs were ethyl alcohol. A Russian vodka, as is known, obtained from cereal (its name is grain wine). By the way, even in the works of Aristotle (384-320 gg. BC) provides an indication of how to evaporate the water by heating and condense formed a pair by cooling. And it was the ancient way.
The second surprise. Traditionally, the Russian vodka was invented by the monks of the Kremlin in 1503... but! Pokhlebkin considers this date to 25-55 years earlier! He argues that the "bread wine was created in Moscow in one of its monasteries, in the Kremlin, and that distillation was developed in the period from 1448 to 1478.
The third. Strangely, but the modern vodka actually was invented by Mendeleyev, and accurately calculated the ratio the weight of alcohol and water so that the alcohol was completely chemically linked (for professionals: when 1 molecule of alcohol produces 3 molecules of water, there is the greatest strength, maximum compressibility). That is the weight, not volume ratio of alcohol and water, give a precise 40 °. "This sort of Mendeleev vodka was patented in 1894 by the Government of Russia as Russian national vodka -" Moscow Special "(originally called" Moscow special "). Therefore, and write the vodka label 40 °, not 40%. So carefully study the vodka label!
The fourth. Mendeleev did not drink vodka, preferring a good grape wine. This is very strange. What he has is opened in the vodka, which is not reported?
Another surprise. Vodka "Smirnoff" is bad vodka, compared with any vodka, for example, our Vitebsk distillery. Yes! Besides information on the labels of Smirnoff vodka does not correspond to reality. The firm "Smirnov" in Russia was founded in 1862, not 1818, as adopted. The quality of them were rated as low "in all tests for all time from 1892 to 1991!"
The last surprise. William Pokhlebkin argues that "vodka is well suited as a gastronomic addition to the Russian national desk" and the promotion of “light alcohol” - incompetent! Else. From the perspective of cultural consumption of alcoholic beverages should drink alcohol only after the person ate tightly. And, finally, 75 grams of vodka a day - this is normal. All that is over - is harmful and is dangerous!
It is our land, or rather the principality of Polotsk, was a "forerunner" of Russian vodka.
Afterword. "In 1982 the International Court of Arbitration made the decision that USSR was assigned to the indisputable priority of creating an original Russian vodka as a drink and an exclusive right to its advertising slogan in the world market: «Only vodka from Russia is genuine Russian vodka»


Leadership and ecological lifestyle

Before leaving they did not know where to go and why. Well, to learn, well, the environment… But they did not understand that their lives will change absolutely, did not believe yet.

They believed already when they arrived in Volozhin, met with the same guys, plunged into the atmosphere of YMCA - incomparable (every now remembered his first travel and impressions connected with it - oh, how long ago it was!) It’s absolutely new program for us and its very interesting - "Leadership and ecological lifestyle" - and there was no boring lectures – just games and discussions - well, as usually we have. For us it is usual, but for the newcomers - this is a novelty. Trainers were N. Ryabova ( "Ecodom") and O. Sviderskaya (YMCA). Main topics:
• Ecological Footprint. Environmentally-friendly lifestyle.
• money and things;
• Food and health;
• Leadership in everyday life and solving urgent problems of society.

As it was there - I do not know for certain, did not have time to talk, but what they liked this trip it became clear on the way back. Guys seriously engaged in developing their own projects that they will have to submit to the 2-th stage of the seminar - 14-15 November, which will take place in Volozhin.
They really liked the trip, they got a lot of positive impressions!
We were joined by 4 other volunteers!
Lyakhovskaya Katya, Maxim Shabanov, Shlykov Ilya and Spanking Andrew, welcome to our YMCA!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our friend Marina Martynenko!

Our friend Marina Martynenko from YMCA Russia. She helped us with the disco "Your life is in your hands." She is very charming girl!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vitebsk autumn! Victory Avenue .. ))


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Internetional Training to Trainers (TtT)

We congratulate our leaders Viktoria Surkova, Evgenija Pochepko and Elena Litvinchuk on finishing the 3 sessions of the Internetional Training to Trainers (TtT) which was organized by YMCA Europe.
Only in spring the international team (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova) met for the 2 -nd session in our native Vitebsk. We are grateful to Larisa Mishyrnaja for a great support in the organization of TtT in Vitebsk.
Our Olga Lukina was a trainer in all 3 sessions! The trainers team impresses! As trainers there worked: Michal Szymanczak (the Deputy Secretary General YMCA Europe), Mikhail Guskov (the Regional Secretary YMCA Europe),Tina Larionova (YMCA Russia), Alexey Kostiakov (program Secretary YMCA Russia).

The participants went through 3 sessions which included a lot of important for trainers topics: communication, problem solvong, project management, volunteerizm, PR, fundraising, YMCA values, gender, leadership, forms and methods in a training and so on.
Dear Lena, Vika and Zhenja! We congratulate you on receiving the certificates! You've changed and become more wise, responsible and active!
We love you and we are proud of you!
We know that you are in the train now, coming back from TtT, but we are waiting for you!!!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Nobel laureate

Inventions of Academician Jaures Ivanovich Alferov is used daily by almost every inhabitant of the planet. Every mobile phone, every CD-player, each cash register in supermarkets - all equipped with his invention. And we remember Jaures Alferov was born in Vitebsk!

In fact, the name of the chief invention of Alferov nothing to say for us if we are not the experts in the field of physics. Heterostructure semiconductors. If you say that aloud, it sounds even a little ... with erotic overtones. But, in fact, this laser.
At the cash register is a bar code reader device. And, when once again you go to the store, and paying for purchased goods, you hear the familiar message "pip" - remember our countryman! That he invented ... in 60 years of the last century!
Really, then who would have thought that the research of young scientists of the sixties would find an application only at the turn of the millennium. The infrared port is in every mobile phone. It is the work of Alferov. Fiber-optic communication - again Alferov. Insert CD-ROM into your computer or player - it reads the laser beam, the development Alferov. Now nobody will be surprised laser-pointer, is now producing such trinkets, but this is the invention of Jaures Alferov.

Its no sense to retell his story. This information is known and available. We must remember that the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2000, Academician Jaures Ivanovich Alferov, born in Vitebsk, and, once again, covered with the glory of our ancient city. We are proud of our countryman, an academician, one of the greatest physicists of our time!

Dmitry Rubanik

Congratulations to Kristina Goldina!

Today her birthday celebrates Kristina Goldina! Congratulations!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Birthdays at Tina and Dima!

Today their birthdays celebrate Tina Larionova and Dmitry Stepanov! Congratulations!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Congratulations to our beloved mothers!


Resting his head in the sky

This is not a montage, in front of you the tallest man ever lived on earth. 2 meters 85 centimeters! Fedor Makhno, a native of the unpreserved village Kostyuki, Vitebsk region. Man had conquered the world. Pope, the Chancellor of Germany and the U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt considered for the honor the opportunity to talk to the giant.

We do not know the height and weight at birth of Fedor. However, he was born (June 18, 1878) is so great that his mother died in childbirth. Grow uncontrollably Fyodor began about 8 years old. And for four years, he grew up to two meters. Boys, peers, of course, teased tall man, but he just took off their hats and left on the roof of the house.

The world is so would not have learned about Vitebsk Gulliver, if the case is not brought him - 14-year-old boy, a German, Otto Billinderom, director of the circus. And the meeting took place on a summer morning in 1892 in Polotsk market, which in Vitebsk.
German circus toured in Vitebsk, Billinder went to the market to purchase provisions. Fedor Makhno had arrived with his father in the town to sell flour. German, like all visitors to the market, was stunned by the impressionable growth of Fedor. And then he offered a good bargain - he picks up Fedor to Germany and teaches him the art of circus. Consent was obtained and, after a while, Makhnov goes to the circus in Europe.
It must be said that a German circus businessman treated carefully and respectfully with young giant. During the eight years that Fedor played in a circus, Otto Billinderom paid him a a lot of money. With this money the giant lived comfortably the rest of his life. He bought manor houses, land and a mill in his native village. And even traveled to Europe and America.

Fedor Makhnov died at age 34 from lung disease. He was buried at home, there was a notice about his unique growth on the monument. True, made a mistake, pointing youthful growth of Mahnov - 3 feet 9 inches, which corresponds to 254 centimeters. The real Fedor’s growth was recorded by Austrian anthropologist Felix Lushan, which was confirmed by many researchers during the life of a giant.
The monument still stands in the place of burial. However, the skeleton was sold by relatives to the Minsk Medical Institute to 5 000 rubles and removed from the graves in the 30 years of the last century.

Dmitry Rubanik

Monday, October 12, 2009

The conflict of Chagall and Malevich

Events, which wants to tell, contributes absolutely occurred 90 years ago. In the autumn of 1919. In Vitebsk. One artist has not converged in the views on art with other. So what? It’s absolutely usual thing among artists. A trifle, it would seem. Only the names of artists are famous worldwide: Chagall and Malevich.

Such so strange birthday ...
In this story we know everything. Every nuance revised and re-scanned. On this subject, written books and theses are protected. We can only repeat what others, just like the hundredth time, telling a familiar story line, making only some of their own conclusions and placing different emphases.

So, Chagall. This name is inextricably linked to Vitebsk. Almost from Mayakovsky: We say - Vitebsk, mean - Chagall.
The fact that Mark Zakharych was back in his native city after the revolution, there is nothing surprising. With Lunacharsky they were familiar with in Paris. There lived the whole world the creative vanguard. Writers, artists, poets. Youth, talent and audacity!
Revolution. Vitebsk. Chagall.
All walls are painted by green goats and flying people. It is believed that such perfomensa which Mark gave no one ever, anywhere to create not try and duplicate can not. It was a grand installation! The whole city was brightly painted, like one big picture. Chagall, of course, painting.
Formed an art school. Chagall is responsible for everything and everyone: for the colors produces, and teaches the kids, and to address the economic. Teachers are invited to attend. Most, of course, advanced. Among them - Malevich. The main Russian avant-garde. It suffices to know that Malevich could draw squares of different colors, giving it like a true art. And what is the strangest thing he was believed.

The new system had to destroy the old, as is known, to the ground. And then ... !
All artists "forgot" about the "bourgeois" realism. Was thrown completely the primacy of the sensual beauty. Natural proportions are not consistent with the aspirations of world revolution. Abstract was dominated.
Chagall, between us, too went in the footsteps of his teacher, the painter Yehuda Pen. Giving of Chagall require some form of expression. And this shape, as time showed, was found.

In his book, «Ma vie» Mark Z. complains that he was droved out from Vitebsk. But it seems that he dissembled a little. He really missed but, apparently, the artist knew that the euphoria of the victory of the proletariat would soon pass. He had anticipated the offensive of terrible times. And although the “red chopper" was just initiate movement Shagall did not want to stay in this country.
And just mixed all the circumstances.
Cubist Malevich began to insist on the need to multiply the squares and other colored geometric shapes. Everything: the walls, facades, trams and even trains – was painted in the squares. All this painting was attached great aesthetic value.

Well, tell me where among this "cosmic art" Mark can snuggle with his goats and violinists? It was the conflict of ideologies. And then the war had reached. Minsk had already captured by the Poles. And Chagall left.

If Chagall stayed in Vitebsk, I think, would not he so great master, which enthusiastically said world. Socio-economic activities of the Vitebsk period took much time and energy. And the images were waiting for the incarnation.
And now time has passed and society don’t need the squares and stuff, which was once called the art.
Due to the fact that he left Chagall saved himself and his art, famous provincial Belarusian city of Vitebsk.

Dmitry Rubanik

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I am a Leader

So, the Educational Circle "I am a Leader" have started. There have already been 3 meetings, where we planned our work, studied the principles of the educational circles and talked about active methods of education.


Sing and Dance!

The 11th of October we celebrate the birthday of George Williams - the founder of the YMCA!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Attestation of our multiplicators

8 October there was an Attestation of our multiplicators. They were going through a certain exam: they were running small sessions as trainers themselves! Congratulations to those who have passed! Very soon you will go to the groups of your peers and give real trainings! Good luck!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Neverending Story

As you know, Vitebsk is the cultural capital of Belarus. In our city lives and works a lot of talented people. The picture "The Neverending Story" of Dmitry Rubanik (who is the designer of our organization), we open new rubric "Creative Vitebsk "

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our Walking Tour

So it happened! When we started our YMCA we loved to go somewhere to enjoy nature and our team. Then there was too much work and we didn't have time to relax. But in our minds there have always been plans to organize a walking tour - all together - with the participants of all programs! So 3-4 October it happened! Thanks to all who joined us! We had a lot of fun!


The second issue of our newspaper!


Monday, October 5, 2009

YMCA Vitebsk can make people happy!

It’s difficult to imagine that in a modern city with its busy life full of rush, impersonality and indifference, there lives a group of people, who were united by an inner need to make this world a little bit better. Everyone began with himself, then started searching for like-minded people and luckily found. That was the birth of the movement which orientates to the souls of others, to their hearts, their creativity and mutual support. Now we are proud to say that this is all about YMCA Vitebsk – a non-governmental organization in the North of Belarus. The world is huge; not many people on the Earth knows where Belarus is; so few heard about Vitebsk – perhaps only those, who appreciates the art of Marc Chagall; even in Vitebsk not many people are acquainted with us. But this group of people exists, creates, loves, enjoys, supports and always invites. These people live absolutely unique life, and it is worth telling their stories – strange, crazy, sometimes usual, sometimes fantastic, but always happy. So, we welcome you to visit a happy world of YMCA Vitebsk – the place which makes people happy!

“I’ve got three daughters. (Now they are all involved in YMCA). They were growing, went to school. I tried to develop them in different ways. They attended different extra-curriculum classes, danced, sang and so on. But they were bored there. Yes, they learned handcrafts, they mastered their talents. And that’s all. I felt that they lose something important. They lacked soul growth! I thought about Church, but I was brought up in the communistic family and couldn’t transfer traditions which I don’t belong to. I was thinking of creation of some club where my girls can enjoy life, can develop their skills and souls. I didn’t know the way out, but I felt that had to do something to make my children happy. Then I heard about YMCA! I couldn’t believe that there already exists an organization I dreamt about! That was that club I thought to create! And I caught this idea! And in 1998 we began YMCA Vitebsk...”
These are the words of a chairperson of YMCA Vitebsk Tatiana Mirsalimova. Now her daughters are adults. The youngest Kristina is finishing the University and develops the social work and scouting. The middle one Elvira is developing our site. The elder Nina is a scout for the rest of her life. Tatiana has 3 grandchildren already. And she knows for sure that they won’t be bored in this world.

“For me YMCA is much. Perhaps, even too much. This is something I will be never able to leave. YMCA is my friends, belief in people, it’s my hope, it’s unlimited optimism. These are people looking in the same direction. These are hearts beating in one rhythm. Due to YMCA my inner feelings have changed, my attitude to people, to life, to myself. So many stories fly in front of my yes when I close them: when I believed in God thanks to YMCA, or when I found my real friend or stories about love...Love to people, to a person, to Personality...”
Kristina Mirsalimova is a talented leader who moves the organization forward because she loves it! Loves to tears in her eyes. Kristina became a theologist because YMCA presented her God; she got the education of the psychologist, because YMCA presented her social work. She enjoys the work of a trainer because YMCA presented her the opportunity to go through TtT (traning to trainers). She loves to be a volunteer because it makes her feel free and happy.

“I remember myself a child when I heard about YMCA for the first time. Tensing was running their rehearsals in our school. And once I got some courage and went there. It was moving and moving further, we were growing. People from other schools started to come to our group. And once there was a school theater contest. Of course, all people in our group had to be involved in their schools as they had great experience in performing on stage. I understood that we will be alone; just 3-5 people were from our school in our group. But they came. Everyone came. And we performed. And we took the first prize. They all had then problems in their schools. But in that moment I felt what it means to be a Team...”
Viktoria Surkova is our Tensing leader. She took this responsibility after Nadezhda Lukashenko. Nadezhda finished the University and had to leave to another town for work. Viktoria was just a member of Tensing. But we believed in her. And we gave her leadership. Viktoria doesn’t know, but in that school where she studied the teachers never wanted to give her any roles. They explained that her voice is not appropriate for stage. But we believed in her and gave her once the main part. She was brilliant! Now Viktoria is a student of Minsk Academy of Art, she will be a theater director. Who could imagine this?

These are only stories of 3 persons. There are much more stories, which I will tell later. I know these people and I know these feelings. I can imagine these moments. I know these moments. I came through them. YMCA is creating these moments. Sometimes we are working for years to do that. But when it happens, the world turns for someone. Let’s turn it TOGETHER!


Friday, October 2, 2009

The seminar "HIV/AIDS prevention"

It's amazing how quickly people can change: not for years or a week, or even a day - in just 15 minutes! Here are the guys just came and sat in their places: his legs crossed, arms crossed on his chest, his head lowered, looking askance - dissatisfied, distrustful - what will teach us again these adults? And after a quarter of an hour, playing the "atoms" or "cowboys", they have fun laughing, comment and are waiting for - what else?
This time we had cheerful and diverse group of children: there are noticeably-active and potentially active - are our future volunteers, there are doubters, there are random people. And the most important thing in this group - to break small groups of participants, mix them, turn them into one, if possible, friendly team.
It attempted to do Inna Kaznacheyeva - Methodist of AIDS Prevention department and Kristina Mirsalimova - trainers workshop. 1st block of training - meeting, drawing up rules, update problem - it is aimed at uniting the group. Then we learned that Roman is not formidable and implacable punk (what seems), in fact - a cheerful and open guy, that Artyom and Zhenya - football fans, a half of the sweet and tender little girls dream of becoming police officers! And, it’s not terribly boy from the 17th school to sit next to a girl from the 2nd. ))
2nd block - the most difficult but most important for future multiplier - information - in the form of games and schemes simplifies the perception of the material. Participants did not fall asleep and not even yawn, and Kristina talked confidently and enthusiastically: not in vain throughout the night she studied the manual.
3rd block - attitude to the problem and discrimination - it is an opportunity to express their personal opinions in the discussions, the ability to put yourself in someone's place and try to understand other people during a role-playing games. Here, the guys seemed to have matured for 5 years - and where the teenagers, in which the hormones are raging and sometimes uncontrolled negativism, taken such mature and informed judgments and reasoned response? A? Think, dear parents!
The final part of the 1-st day - the reflection and the distribution of household tasks. OK – they work! Pair huddled in corners and discuss something, flip, record .. God, guys, well, not as fanatic - you're not preparing for exams. )
Breaks for lunch and coffee breaks are also very important: hunger-thirst to quench, and ran in the corridors, knocking down Valentina Ananyeva - Chief of the AIDS Prevention department. But she is - a person understanding, she will not call parents.
2nd day. Kristina Inna have fun. Well, of course, they exchanged roles and now they are teenagers. The guys are shocked - how do you can work in such circumstances? What to do? Ok – they need practice. When they were certified they will go into schools to hold their own seminars, they will be harder. But - good fellows, managed excellent - apparently preparing houses.
As far as the guys have learned the material and whether they work in groups - will be known at the time of certification. And yet all of them - and coaches, and participants - funny, interesting, and most importantly, profitably spent 2 day seminar.

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