Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Birthday of Baden Powell

For that I love Scouts, it is because they can not do nothing. Even their most important holiday they spent usefully - as we say, combine business with pleasure.
This holiday - is the Birthday of Baden Powell - the founder of Scouts.
We gathered together yesterday in our club. Finally I have seen how the club became comfortable: curtains, rug .. but best of all in its interior look our Scouts - "leopards" and "wolverines" - they snarl, roar and bite ... No, of course, despite the name of its patrols, they are quite lovely and cute guys. The first part of the holiday - interactive-control. Kristina laid some cards with important events of the life of BP and the dates associated with them. We had to find the necessary and combine. This game need memory and testing of knowledge on biography of Baden Powell. At first I wanted to take part in the game, but realizing that I do not remember exactly nothing (to my shame), decided to take up photography. And guys - good fellows, answered quickly and confidently. Then came the charades, puzzles, scout jokes and humorous scout laws. Well, sort of: "if your sleeping bag comes to you only to your knee, it's a backpack", "1. Firewood and matches are absent. 2. If they are - so just the only one of these things. 3. If there are both - so or firewood is raw, or the match is the last", "1.No food. 2.If we have some food - its not enough for the whole campaign. 3.In the last day found that we have food enough for another week."
Is not it funny only to those who did not go in real scouts campaigns.
The second part - games and songs. Mobile games, comic, funny, during which we have found that the space of our club is terribly close, and the mirrors can be a serious impediment. Songs - mostly from our repertoire are emotional and melodic. In general, it was fun and easy.
Scouts, we congratulate you once again with the birthday of Baden Powell!
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