Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's "Our Era"

Valentine's Day has passed, but so many holidays yet to come! Of course, it's great when there is an extra opportunity for fun, but for us the holidays - this is the most tense times, when we organize 2 or even 3 discos in the day. But there is one place where we rush, despite the fatigue and lack of time. This is a socio-territorial center. We have already worked there and very cool that our cooperation has become a tradition! Disco, dedicated to St. Valentine's Day, held very well. What guys there are fellows! So enjoy spending time with them! We want to say special thanks for the teachers - to work with them a great pleasure. Young, energetic, funny ... and that's not their whole portrait.
Very soon we will go there again. And waiting for this day with impatience!
And more good news ... our discotheques got the name - "Our Era", and very soon will resume classes on dancing ... we will not yet reveal all the secrets...
The guys from other areas of the YMCA-Vitebsk, forgive us for what little we see each other ... We miss you very much and you are always in our hearts ... But in March we will correct ... We love you very much!

Lenochka Litvinchuk

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