Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Your life is in your hands!

Oh, how it was nice: just finished a seminar, but yesterday's newcomers are actively helping us. Disco has not yet begun, and blue shirts of volunteers have already filled the hall: someone at the entrance, someone near the stage, someone in the back. The program began as soon as the guests gathered. A disco has started after presentation of YMCA-Vitebsk. Dances were interspersed with games, contests and performances by dance groups. Leading called for a healthy lifestyle - and not so much words as a personal example. And it is impossible not to believe: the young, energetic, beautiful, modern, fun! What drugs? We - against drugs! We choose life! Our lives in our hands!
In the preparation and holding discos "Your life is in your hands" was attended by: Chairman YMCA-Vitebsk Mirsalimova Tatiana, volunteers YMCA-Vitebsk headed by the leader of activity "Thematic discos" Lena Litvinchuk, our friends from the YMCA of Russia: Marina Martynenko (Moscow) and Anastasia Mayorov (Ivanovo), School of Contemporary Dance "Phoenix", "Dance-master".
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