Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy happy birthday Vovochka!!!

Today is the birthday of our beloved and dear Vovochka Sobolev!
Vovka, we congratulate you! We all remember you and wish you all the best for your birthday! Vova, it's impossible not to love you - you are the best! Congratulations! Embrace!
And now about how it was.
One day we were invited on television to talk about the YMCA. Delegated to this important event were Tanya Volokhova and me (Elvira Mirsalimova): Tanya - from the TenSing, I - from Scouts. We had hoped that speaking on television, we attract to our YMCA lot of people, and therefore acted with particular enthusiasm. During the interview, we were supposed to be reported to a pager messages with questions and requests to give the numbers of our phones. At least, we have dreamed about it .. but the message did not come. And only at the end of the transfer, we received a welcome message asking for our phone. And then another! And one more! And one more! We were elated! But as it turned out, the message came from the same person. "Maniac" - we thought, but we appointed our meeting. And that he certainly did not come, it appointed the meeting on the 1st of April in the school in the midst of spring holidays. "He will think that its the joke, and will not come" - we had hoped, hiding in the room of mathematics. Then we heard the footsteps in the empty hallway, we fell silent. A moment later in the doorway appeared a young man is quite intelligent, attractive appearance, with a diplomat in his hands.
- Who you are looking for& The school does not work - we exhaled with relief
- Hello, I need a YMCA ..
- So it was you??
- Yes, its me. My name is - Vladimir Sobolev ...
That's how Vladimir Sobolev appeared in our YMCA. Frankly speeking, we did not believe that he will remain for a long time. But he stayed and became our best friend! He did not say, but he did! Decided - and did! So just like a real man and real scout! The man who did so much for the organization, was completely alien to the greed and lust for power.
Vova, we really miss you! Come back!!!

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