Wednesday, February 10, 2010

About 4th session of TtT

Here's a summary of the 4th session of TtT. It passed near the Minsk on the recreation base "Rocket" - a wonderful place! From Vitebsk YMCA there were me, Vika Surkova and Lena Litvinchuk. Training was maded by us - we did everything by ourselves: preparing lessons, fun as they could)) We could do much: and in the afternoon to work at the training, share experiences, and at night - to communicate and play;) Playing, incidentally, is one of our most favorite activities. Me and Artem from Yaroslavl, on the well-established tradition, organized role-playing game. The game "On the verge of sleep", in which the week before we played with multiplicators, was held to cheer, all the guys were hooked. In general, everything was excellent. We did not want to leave, but ahead of us a lot of meetings! Thanks to our great coaches Olya, Tina, Uncle Misha, and Alexey! We love you very much:)))
Zhenya Pochepko

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