Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Internetional Training to Trainers (TtT)

We congratulate our leaders Viktoria Surkova, Evgenija Pochepko and Elena Litvinchuk on finishing the 3 sessions of the Internetional Training to Trainers (TtT) which was organized by YMCA Europe.
Only in spring the international team (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova) met for the 2 -nd session in our native Vitebsk. We are grateful to Larisa Mishyrnaja for a great support in the organization of TtT in Vitebsk.
Our Olga Lukina was a trainer in all 3 sessions! The trainers team impresses! As trainers there worked: Michal Szymanczak (the Deputy Secretary General YMCA Europe), Mikhail Guskov (the Regional Secretary YMCA Europe),Tina Larionova (YMCA Russia), Alexey Kostiakov (program Secretary YMCA Russia).

The participants went through 3 sessions which included a lot of important for trainers topics: communication, problem solvong, project management, volunteerizm, PR, fundraising, YMCA values, gender, leadership, forms and methods in a training and so on.
Dear Lena, Vika and Zhenja! We congratulate you on receiving the certificates! You've changed and become more wise, responsible and active!
We love you and we are proud of you!
We know that you are in the train now, coming back from TtT, but we are waiting for you!!!

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