Thursday, October 1, 2009

The seminars of Vika and Zhenya!

They went 27-th! Made their first steps! Our Surkova Vika and Zhenya Pochepko! No, not babies. This young trainers, and the seminars that they held this weekend, this is their first steps, their first experience!
School of Universal Tensinger - creative from the beginning! And why not? Ten Sing - this is the most creative activity of our YMCA. Even developed their standards work, in contrast to the strict rules of multiplikaters - "the rule of the hand", "Punctuality" - are quite different - "friendship", "smile", "Be an active and cheerful".
And the other blocks and exercise of this seminar - a complete theatrical performance!
Block "Creativity" - to act creatively, we must think creatively. The guys guessed the puzzle, looking for meaning in the unpretentious pictures. And they found!
Stage plastic, acting, body language - we can not without it. Because the tensinger - this is the same multiplier, only the information to the people he was writing not in words, and sometimes only with gestures, facial expressions and dance! How to say the phrase "In every man there is the sun" or "talkative person - a godsend for a spy", without using words? How to arrange a meeting, if you are (suddenly) not have the opportunity to see, hear, speak or move? How to find thousands of applications for usual everyday thing? All this can be learned at this seminar. Also workshops on singing (Nastya Andryushyunayte) and dance (Anya Il'icheva), and, of course, all of the YMCA!
School of Universal Multiplier - it was not easy for Zhenya - to lead the seminar with a partner is easier: you can always get help, but more difficult as well - you take more responsibility and teamwork skills. Artem from YMCA Yaroslavl helped to Zhenya. Together they introduced what is the "multiplier", its functions and the necessary qualities, described the principle of peer education, methodologies, leadership, YMCA of course. On the second day, participants consolidated the previously traversed by the material and participate in games and exercises to develop communication skills.

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