Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Leadership and ecological lifestyle

Before leaving they did not know where to go and why. Well, to learn, well, the environment… But they did not understand that their lives will change absolutely, did not believe yet.

They believed already when they arrived in Volozhin, met with the same guys, plunged into the atmosphere of YMCA - incomparable (every now remembered his first travel and impressions connected with it - oh, how long ago it was!) It’s absolutely new program for us and its very interesting - "Leadership and ecological lifestyle" - and there was no boring lectures – just games and discussions - well, as usually we have. For us it is usual, but for the newcomers - this is a novelty. Trainers were N. Ryabova ( "Ecodom") and O. Sviderskaya (YMCA). Main topics:
• Ecological Footprint. Environmentally-friendly lifestyle.
• money and things;
• Food and health;
• Leadership in everyday life and solving urgent problems of society.

As it was there - I do not know for certain, did not have time to talk, but what they liked this trip it became clear on the way back. Guys seriously engaged in developing their own projects that they will have to submit to the 2-th stage of the seminar - 14-15 November, which will take place in Volozhin.
They really liked the trip, they got a lot of positive impressions!
We were joined by 4 other volunteers!
Lyakhovskaya Katya, Maxim Shabanov, Shlykov Ilya and Spanking Andrew, welcome to our YMCA!
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