Friday, October 2, 2009

The seminar "HIV/AIDS prevention"

It's amazing how quickly people can change: not for years or a week, or even a day - in just 15 minutes! Here are the guys just came and sat in their places: his legs crossed, arms crossed on his chest, his head lowered, looking askance - dissatisfied, distrustful - what will teach us again these adults? And after a quarter of an hour, playing the "atoms" or "cowboys", they have fun laughing, comment and are waiting for - what else?
This time we had cheerful and diverse group of children: there are noticeably-active and potentially active - are our future volunteers, there are doubters, there are random people. And the most important thing in this group - to break small groups of participants, mix them, turn them into one, if possible, friendly team.
It attempted to do Inna Kaznacheyeva - Methodist of AIDS Prevention department and Kristina Mirsalimova - trainers workshop. 1st block of training - meeting, drawing up rules, update problem - it is aimed at uniting the group. Then we learned that Roman is not formidable and implacable punk (what seems), in fact - a cheerful and open guy, that Artyom and Zhenya - football fans, a half of the sweet and tender little girls dream of becoming police officers! And, it’s not terribly boy from the 17th school to sit next to a girl from the 2nd. ))
2nd block - the most difficult but most important for future multiplier - information - in the form of games and schemes simplifies the perception of the material. Participants did not fall asleep and not even yawn, and Kristina talked confidently and enthusiastically: not in vain throughout the night she studied the manual.
3rd block - attitude to the problem and discrimination - it is an opportunity to express their personal opinions in the discussions, the ability to put yourself in someone's place and try to understand other people during a role-playing games. Here, the guys seemed to have matured for 5 years - and where the teenagers, in which the hormones are raging and sometimes uncontrolled negativism, taken such mature and informed judgments and reasoned response? A? Think, dear parents!
The final part of the 1-st day - the reflection and the distribution of household tasks. OK – they work! Pair huddled in corners and discuss something, flip, record .. God, guys, well, not as fanatic - you're not preparing for exams. )
Breaks for lunch and coffee breaks are also very important: hunger-thirst to quench, and ran in the corridors, knocking down Valentina Ananyeva - Chief of the AIDS Prevention department. But she is - a person understanding, she will not call parents.
2nd day. Kristina Inna have fun. Well, of course, they exchanged roles and now they are teenagers. The guys are shocked - how do you can work in such circumstances? What to do? Ok – they need practice. When they were certified they will go into schools to hold their own seminars, they will be harder. But - good fellows, managed excellent - apparently preparing houses.
As far as the guys have learned the material and whether they work in groups - will be known at the time of certification. And yet all of them - and coaches, and participants - funny, interesting, and most importantly, profitably spent 2 day seminar.

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