Monday, October 19, 2009

Nobel laureate

Inventions of Academician Jaures Ivanovich Alferov is used daily by almost every inhabitant of the planet. Every mobile phone, every CD-player, each cash register in supermarkets - all equipped with his invention. And we remember Jaures Alferov was born in Vitebsk!

In fact, the name of the chief invention of Alferov nothing to say for us if we are not the experts in the field of physics. Heterostructure semiconductors. If you say that aloud, it sounds even a little ... with erotic overtones. But, in fact, this laser.
At the cash register is a bar code reader device. And, when once again you go to the store, and paying for purchased goods, you hear the familiar message "pip" - remember our countryman! That he invented ... in 60 years of the last century!
Really, then who would have thought that the research of young scientists of the sixties would find an application only at the turn of the millennium. The infrared port is in every mobile phone. It is the work of Alferov. Fiber-optic communication - again Alferov. Insert CD-ROM into your computer or player - it reads the laser beam, the development Alferov. Now nobody will be surprised laser-pointer, is now producing such trinkets, but this is the invention of Jaures Alferov.

Its no sense to retell his story. This information is known and available. We must remember that the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2000, Academician Jaures Ivanovich Alferov, born in Vitebsk, and, once again, covered with the glory of our ancient city. We are proud of our countryman, an academician, one of the greatest physicists of our time!

Dmitry Rubanik
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