Monday, May 17, 2010

A little truth about the Second World War

According to the survey (on our Russian page) was clear: Readers majority determined that in the Second World War won the Soviet Union.
So who won the war? In the wording of this question is a small catch: I meant the Second World War, not the Great Patriotic war. Many people were confusing with this question. As we know, the Second World War began September 1, 1939 when Germany attacked Poland and ended with the capitulation of Japan after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 2 September 1945. And, of course, won the countries of anti-Hitler coalition.
But I would like to focus on the Great Patriotic war (GPW). (because not for nothing many of you have decided that won the USSR). After all, Soviet Russia got the most important, the most powerful and devastating blow from Nazi Germany. And this fact is now is ignored by Western historians and foreign media.

Let's take some facts:
- The enemy lost on the Soviet-front 607 divisions, and against the Western Allies - 176, ie 3,5 times less.
- In the battles with the Soviet Union Germany lost ¾ aviation, most of the artillery (75% of), almost 80% of the tanks and assault guns.
- Of the 13.6 million people killed, wounded and captured Nazi Germany lost on the Soviet-front of 10 million people!

Any stats reveal that the Soviet armed forces led to the collapse of Hitler's military and the state machine.
Soviet Union suffered the greatest losses in World War II. 30 million lives - the price of Victory! This can not be forgotten or underestimated. It is our pain and memory!

Of course, the Soviet ideological propaganda of a few, shall we say, reinforced this historic significance. Clearly, that Soviet propaganda went too far in condemning the West, did not mince the utterances. Like, a second front was opened only when the Red Army had liberated and its territory and half in Europe.
But the Western version of the history of WWII went even further.

Take in the hands a fat book "The Second World War" authorship of English historian Liddle Hart. Almost 900 pages, but the war between Germany and the USSR devoted ...only 58 of them! What can I say ... Perhaps the author was not interested. God is with him.

According to this historic publication, "the largest tank battle" was ... at El Alamein. There met ... 60 tanks! From both sides! Bernard Montgomery, recall, defeated Field Marshal Erwin Rommel ...

My friends! But what about the Battle of Kursk?? On the field participated Prokhorovsky 1500 tanks! We do not know? " We can be deceived??

We read about the Battle of Kursk in this book. We learn that the USSR won in this battle, because ... the Anglo-Americans landed in Sicily ... so…open any encyclopedia, read: Sicilian operation began on July 10, 1943, and the Battle of Kursk - July 5, the same year, ie five days earlier.

Who Should Read This, say the least, careless historical inaccuracy? For those maybe who believe in the word, not bothering to search for truth. On the eastern front, Germany has always (I repeat - always!) lost two-thirds of its troops.

This is just a single example of historical shifts in emphasis, but it clearly illustrates the whole picture - the Western vision of the Second World War is one-sided. Turn on the TV channel "History" - check.

They detail talking there about the landing of troops in Normandy, but not about that Russia still (!!!) to pay her debts under Lend-Lease. Passed 65 years, and we who have lost the most in the war still calculated for it ... "For Whom the war, and for whom - his mother is native."

The younger generation is not much interested in this period of history. Learn about the war of books and movies (most movies only). It is not enough, in my opinion. We must not forget that "if mankind forgets its past, it will be doomed to live it again”.

The main thing to remember that:
In World War II involved 61 states, 55 millions dead. A terrible and senseless war in which people are destroying people.
The fighting took place in Europe, and Africa, and in the Pacific Ocean. The aggressive and obsessed by death military regimes in Germany, Italy and Japan were defeated.
Mankind defeated fascism only united, creating a coalition.
History does not tolerate not only the subjunctive, but also rewriting some of its pages. We are all living today must take the past as it actually happened in reality.

Let expressed in this article is only my personal opinion, we, the Belarusians have lost every third citizen in this war, must remain thankful, knowledgeable and wise, remembering the heroism of our people!

Dmitry Rubanik
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