Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2 leadership meetings

April 30 and May 3 were held leadership meetings YMCA. The leaders held a "revision" of existing directions: how many people, what is the main activity, what are the achievements and difficulties. And we got a long list of the successes and shortcomings.
We found that we do not have enough hands on all our grand plans. So, the priority, of course, is - education and training of our leaders.

And a particularly important point was - the spirit! That the team should be cohesive and everybody understand each other.

We made a list of outstanding issues - that we planned, but for some reason has not been fulfilled. Even the solutions to some fad found.
One of the questions was - WHERE is our Squirell (Lena Litvinchuk)? We need you! Come! We keep abreast of you! :)

And we dreamed ... We drew, as we see our direction in the future. We found that Tensing wants and choir, and dance. And to show their perfomances in different stages of different cities. Youth FOR healthy way of life needs some new topics. And scouting needs at least another experienced leader, and of course - our own base!

Continuation of meetings should be ...
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