Friday, September 25, 2009

Hot weekend of YMCA Vitebsk!

Hot weekend of YMCA Vitebsk!
Join us!

Today - Friday 25 the seminar for the new multiplicators has started! They will be working for two days!
The trainers - Kristina Mirsalimova (YMCA volunteer), Inna Kaznacheeva (HIV prevention Department)

Tomorrow Tensing School and School of Universal Multiplicators will begin. They will work for two days.
The trainers - Viktoria Surkova(YMCA Vitebsk) and other Tensing volunteers - Anna Iliecheva, Kristina Goldina and others; Zhenja Pochepko (YMCA Vitebsk), Artem Rakov (YMCA Russia)

On Sunday we invite you to join a thematic disco! There our friends from YMCA Russia and our volunteers will present you a unique program on HIV prevention topic! Don't miss it! It will be very interesting!!!
The leaders: Lena Litvinchuk (YMCA Vitebsk), Marina Martinenko, Nastia Majorova (YMCA Russia)

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