Thursday, March 4, 2010

About Sasha Sapego

That is how a person lives ... In the hero-city of Belarus ... Bobruisk ...)) Goes to school, engaged in scouting, singing songs and then - bang - went to sunny Switzerland. Do not just leaving, went to his dear wife Milena - from the Swiss YMCA.
Yes, as many of you have already guessed, we are talking about Sasha Sapego.
They live in the city Geroldswil, their hobby is sport: skiing and snowboarding, ride bikes, swim in the pool, and, of course, rock climbing!
Milena works as a schoolteacher and the class teacher, teaching English, French and German languages, algebra, geometry, geography and drawing. And Sasha is working in a boarding school for the mentally ill. 14 months ago in their family had birth of a charming girl Nina, who despite still very young age, loves to travel and go to the mountains.
I do not mean to make you envied or any way tried to change your place of residence - it is just to show you how unpredictable and interesting life is. By the way, Sergey Sirotkin moved to Switzerland as well.. Well, everyone chooses where his house: someone chooses the mountains, and someone - our Belarusian lakes ...
Photos are made in the mountains Grindelvald, at an altitude of 2680 meters, where Sasha and his family spent vacation for a week.

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