Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Know to live!

How is difficult to carry out the action! Here are a people - frozen, hungry, with bags, and here – we are with our slogans and appeals. All right already, if they even look, better - if they stay or fit, and really quite wonderful - if they connected and involved. And what to do to be heard, to inspire with our words, to understand the meaning of the action?
- Hello! Do you remember what is the day today?
And really, what? Young and energetic guys - Leading of the action Lena and Nastya - have taken the first step: interested and attracted people. And now, when a crowd gathered we can work, and to begin to recall that today the 1st of December - Day of AIDS prevention. A few words about the seriousness and the globalism of this problem - quite a bit: people are demanding a performance. And the first was the performance of the team of students from the school number 7, which became the winners in the contest of propaganda team. Come on! And why not use ready-made material, besides not the worst of the possible? We have used and do not regret it. Bright, lively performance, the naive school initiative, so sentimental for the older generation.
- AIDS – is the error with the price is life! - teenagers screaming from the scene. – It you make a mistake, pay with your lives!
Was creeping shudder: whether these words are not childish, whether the wind piercing, the December wing.
Do not give the viewers to freeze and take a run - the second important task. Under the leadership of the same leading the crowd gradually moved to the site for the interactive part of the action. No, not so gradually: young people ran when they heard about the opportunity to paint graffiti. And cans of paint were a lot, and large sheets ... Oh, sorry, can not paint the walls of the Palace! The children so enthusiastic about the process of creating masterpieces that spoiled the poster, designed for the final part of the event. This event is very upset head of the event, unsuccessfully tried to drown the crowd in regular unset microphone. Tatiana wanted to explain to people "what to do," but they thought that she hiccups. Someone even laughed that the more upset our Boss. But we know that laughter is not only prolongs life, but also warm - it is so necessary in the first winter day!
The older generation did not even try to get the graffiti place. Adults were playing darts, wrote their promises to fight AIDS, testing our volunteers with questions.
- AIDS stands as a virus ... uh .. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome – answered Andrew.
- Aaaa not learned? – laughing his friends.
- So cold in fact ...
The best answers and exact hits to the balloons encouraged with sweets. The most interesting promises were read by the leaders in microphone, and the most unlucky cans of paint were "stolen" by the fastest graffitists.
But, to shake hands of Alexey was lined up many people. He, of course, is very interesting guy, but drawn to him is not "due", and "contrary". Contrary to his status - HIV-positive. Let Lesha only played the role of itself, but shook hands with him for real: without fear, not rejecting, non-judgmental ...
Final part: the distribution of prizes and the launch of red balls in the sky. Not new, but each time - as the first. Fascinating and touching!
The action “Know to live” was held by us and supported by the department of AIDS Prevention and the Palace of Children's Art
All thanks!

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