Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The 8th of December.How it was!

"Oh, God! Are all these people our YMCA? "- Was my first thought when I went into the hall.
From all sides looked to mee familiar, familiar - but half-forgotten and hardly familiar faces. Faces of our volunteers! Such disciplined! They went in, sat quietly in their places: sitting, waiting ... guys, well really do not want to go to old friends and to remember past exploits? And, maybe I came too late, and missed that? Well...
The solemn part began solemnly and decorously, as we have conceived: the presentation the guests and honorary members, listing their achievements and regalia, appreciation, applause ...
Then was followed by solemn presentation of membership cards, and, of course, the performance of our distinguished guests. Ceremonial part conceived by us as a short half-hour action, but eventually spread over one and a half. Guests said long and earnestly - it was pleasant to listen to them. But uncle Misha first upset us and promised from himself only "a couple of words. But after a couple - "Good evening" - followed by a long, but no less interesting and warm speech.
Devotion ... Not so I had imagined. I thought that was more playful and spectacular. But it turned out how it happened: a few vague story about the origin of life and lost in the big hall song.
But then everything went a dynamic and fun: video-Energizers-dancing ...
And our Lena Litvinchuk loaded all the energy! She loaded with the energy Uncle Misha, and he did it with us! Cool dance, but I was lucky to dance close to our general secretary Alexander Ignatovich. And everything would be just wonderful if under the feet do not get the boy in the striped red and white blouse, also actively waving their limbs! However, this boy - Lesha - was not even completely useless to our society. He spent his "crown game" - "A Pizza Hut" . No less fascinating held their games and our other volunteers: Eugenya Pochepko - "History in Prague”, Kristina Mirsalimova -" Do you like a neighbor? "Andrew -" Western ", Krystyna Goldina -"The song with gestures”, Misha Shikun - stories about international projects and Alesya Meleshko - about the social direction. My videos, though hastily made, too, was impressed.
Our party was ended with reupload of the candles of the triangle and the word - YMCA (that was at the Festival in Prague) and the song "Wind of Change"( beautiful song of Maxim Dunaevsky). It was pleasant to see how everybody went, came and sang along with us. I do not know how beautiful and aesthetic turned the song, but that was mentally - is a fact.
Well and of course the long-awaited phrase of Tatiana: "And yet we have prepared for you the Belarusian meal, which is ..." The rest of the sentence was drowned the tramp of feet - the crowd rushed to different dishes!
I do not know whether guests tasted our Belarusian potato pancakes and pies but two of them: Mikhail Guskov and Johan Eltvik become the members of our organization. In the midst of our party Misha asked me: "Can I join in your organization?" "Oh, what a nice flattery, dammit! - I thought, and replied: "Why not?" And they did it!
And while guests leave their personal wishes for their posters, we managed to sing songs!
All thanks! Until next time!

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