Monday, November 30, 2009

Come in Scouting, if not afraid ))

Ah, what we once were foolish and inexperienced. You know how we made the presentation of Scouting? "We have fun! Interesting! It is difficult, yes - but insanely fun and extreme! Friends, travel, adventures ... How things have changed since then. Now everything is different.
- First, I warn you, - on the face of Christina's not a shadow of a smile - the scouts do not consume alcohol (earlier for those words got up and left most of the newcomers. Boys, naturally). .. (?) And these are sitting, do not go. "It did not happen" - thought Christina and continued:
- Scouts do not smoke, subject to the laws and leaders, wash dishes and do not cry because of corns and cut fingers. Now raise your hands, who still wants to become a scout.
They picked up everybody.
- So, wait - not subside Hrymzya - Scouting - it's hard work, is the morning exercises, this porridge for breakfast, this .. ... it is smelly socks of neighbors in a tent! - She finished.
- Who wants to be with us?
All raised their hands again.
Well, we warned you! Let's see who will come to the next meeting - on Friday at 17.00

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